The legacy of Greece is not only exhausted on the enchanting beaches and the fascinating mountain scenery, but the beauty of the land can be traced in its most inaccessible and hidden places, revealing its greatness in the most unexpected way.
Sideritis scardica tea. Oregano (Origanum vulgare spp hirtum). Sage (Salvia fruticosa). Thyme (Coridothymus capitatus). Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis). Mint (Mentha piperita). Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis). Spearmint (Mentha spicata). Lime tree (Tilia) etc.The aromatic and medicinal herbs of Greece link the past with the country’s most powerful advantages of the future.


For centuries, Greek aromatic herbs have prevented, healed, refreshed, thanks to an empirical knowledge that passed from generation to generation as part of a heritage.Today, science increasingly documents these attributes every day. Etherea cultivates them in ideal conditions, while applying standard practices and certified drying and standardization processes, ensuring the quality required by the international presence of herbs.


Sideritis Scardica



From the slopes of the mountain, to the top of quality!
On the southwest side of Mount Olympus, etherea’s heart is beating. At the slopes of the mountain where the twelve gods in Greek Mythology allegedly lived, etherea organically cultivates one of the largest areas of Sideritis scardica in the country.

From soil composition and altitude to the particular microclimate, the region is ideal for the cultivation of Sideritis scardica (mountain tea – Olympus). The broader zone is one of the species thriving regions, which makes it possible to minimize human intervention. Watering is done with the best recommended tactics, and drip irrigation is used.

In the context of vertically integrated production, a total area of ​1,000 square metres (our privately-owned greenhouse facilities), we biologically cultivate seedlings (certified by ELGO-DIMITRA and private nursery gardens) which will then be transplanted into our land, respecting every step of the process the organic farming protocol.

Crops and drying areas are in close proximity, with facilities that allow the ideal drying process which will lead to the final product. That’s why, immediately after harvesting, etherea collects the tea of ​Mount Olympus in small bundles, which are then placed for drying in properly modulated areas. This process guarantees a quantitatively stable crop.

Those who have the knowledge lead the way.

Multipurpose plants. Ideal soil and climatic conditions. Specialized knowledge and advanced expertise. These are the parameters etherea focuses on.
Bearing this in mind, etherea cooperates with state and university institutions. In addition, organic-farming practices, respect for natural balance and sustainability, are everyday practices certified to comply to international standards!